Galileo For Blog Prez.

If there is one dude who could totally be the face of this blog for me, it would be Galileo. It was his birthday on Friday the 15th and I read a really cool article on him that was lots of fun. The concept of the blog was in essence, to stimulate an internal and subsequently external discussion on the multitude of perspectives one can have in any given experience just through our five senses. It’s exciting for me to be able to turn the daily and mundane on its head in hopes that I might discover something new about it.

What’s really rad is that Galileo’s words and ideas still have weight four centuries later and have led me to share them here when they were as radical and criminal as they were then. If you didn’t know, the guy was a scientist gunning to have his discoveries become accepted theories even though the church was majorly totalitarianistic and all his theories contradicted what they said. It was kinda nasty but he was right and still pushed on.  I mean, I think it’s cool. Galileo’s message that inspired me today was that we shouldn’t be afraid of knowledge; although it sometimes threatens our world view and rocks us to our very core we become arrogant and sad, angry creatures without any mental flexibility.

“Who will assert that everything in the universe capable of being perceived is already discovered and known? Let us rather confess quite truly that ‘Those truths which we know are very few in comparison with those which we do not know”.

Chew on that for a little while, and if you want more, that video is pretty epic.


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