The Glass Between Us

“There’s glass between us.  You can’t handle my infinite nature, can you?” – I Heart Huckabees

I am pretty sure that since I’ve moved from New Jersey to Northern California, I’ve developed more wrinkles on my face… not because of the stress of the move but because I’m constantly squinting and protecting my eyes from the perpetual sunlight of California.  The sun is always shining.  One would suggest that I wear sunglasses (duh!), but I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I hate viewing the world behind two dimmed pieces of glass.

Over the years, I have collected dozens of sunglasses.  I gave several pairs away before my move but kept a few of my favorite styles to bring with me to Golden State in order to accessorize my outfits for the beach, the city, music festivals, and whatever else requires strutting around with a pair of shades.  I love the way they make outfits look so chic, cool, and confident, but even so, I am finding them to be more of a nuisance than an accessory.  I prefer to view life with #nofilter, if you ask me.  The shades do, I admit, come in handy when I’m driving my car toward an intense sunset or sunrise and the sun visor isn’t fixing the problem of the glare.  After a while though, I feel like my vision is just being inhibited (isn’t that illegal?), so they go back into my glove compartment.  When I’m immersed in the Great Outdoors, it’s like I’m cheating myself of the beautiful scenery when I wear sunglasses to block the sun.   When I lift them from my eyes, I think, ‘Man!  I’ve been missing out!’  The sunlight allows me to see nature in its natural light, and it enhances what I’m seeing — the vibrant colors, the details, the marriage of the different organisms dwelling together.  You wouldn’t wear sun glasses as you walk through the Louvre, so why would you wear them during a hike through Big Sur?

I’m keeping my sun glasses on hand for the fun and fashionability of them, but I know I rarely will use them.  Bring on the wrinkles, I say!  It’s well worth the price to be able to capture real HD memories of my every day life.



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