Adventure One

Writer of the Week Rebel Exploration’s Post

Olympic National Park.

It was a lazy Sunday morning when we set out for Olympic from Seattle. Traffic slowly thinned as we traveled towards Olympia from the city proper. Having been on the road for a few thousand miles we were somewhat exhausted but today was the day we finally were set to arrive, and a burst of energy followed this thought. Lindsee had created a new playlist (which was incredible, I swear she has a gift) so we turned the tunes up, kept the windows down and cruised full on into the unknown. This was a new national park for the both of us so we didn’t really know what to expect. The population grew sparse, the wilderness thick and tree dense as we winded our way up highway 101 towards our campground in the Hoh Rainforest. Through word of mouth and plenty of research we had a game plan, lots of spots to check and an appetite for adventure. Along our way we camped, hiked, explored, swam (well, I did), and just soaked up this incredible smattering of natural wonder of the pacific northwest.

There were rainforests, oceans, mountains and rivers…

RX 10

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