Yoga & The City: Fashion Week Edition.

I couldn’t see them but I could hear the crowd growing larger. Camera’s were going *snap*, *click*, *clack* from all around us as we moved in synchronicity. I ignored the chaos that was in my peripheral vision, I knew that if I looked it would throw me off, so I kept my eyes on the bright blue sky above and the pale autumn sun that bathed us in its light like those of a theater’s. As I inhaled and swept my arms up and around I exhaled bringing my palms together and drew them close into my chest.

Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom boom. Without any movement to distract me I could hear how my heart was pounding; a combination of nerves and physical exertion. A few beads of cool sweat dripped down my nose. Splat.  Sun Salutation A…Surya Namaskar A. I’d done it hundreds of times…I wonder if I was anywhere near the number of times Mick Jagger had sung “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. I’d heard him say once that he’d estimated that number was probably in the thousands. Had I done a thousand rounds of Sun Salutation A before? Maybe? Who knows?

We kept going. The iconic sound of traffic and bustling New Yorkers bounced off the sides of the tall Manhattan skyscrapers mingling with constant noise of rushing water from Lincoln Center’s artistic watery center piece. I remember being nervous about my underwear showing but even if they did the bright colors of the beautiful yoga pants Kristine had given me to wear that day were enough to distract anyone who might possibly notice my skivvies.

KDeer and Kat

I decided to impress the crowd and throw in a crazy arm balance or two: handstand, definitely not…my brown-booted feet would cascade over my head onto the ground CLACLACK! and look ridiculous. But Eka pada koundiyanasana I was in my realm of “can-do yoga party trixx”; ladies and gentleman, here goes my left leg on top of my arm and yes that’s my other one straight up in the air! I hate to say it’s a pretty uncomplicated pose for me, but I’ve always had unnatural upper body strength that could easily support the entire weight of my body.

As I extended out into the pose I heard a rapid fire of more clickclack,clackety,clickclacks and a chorus of soft “ooohs” and “ahhhs”. Still, my breath kept time of the synchronized movements of Kristine and I as we continued to do round after round of Sun Salutation A. I noticed my heart rate steady and I smiled to myself, starting to become more relaxed now- “hey this was fun!”,  I thought. With my right foot forward I dropped my back knee down onto the ground, about to raise my arms up into Anjanyeasana when suddenly I heard Trine say “uhh let’s wrap it up guys, cops are here”.

I froze, and looked over to my left, in between the photographers, street style bloggers, and onlookers stood our friends flanked by two NYPD officers. Their large shadows cast down upon us and our colorful leggings and we immediately stopped. I got up off the ground, dusted myself off, and smiled at the serious faces, and said to them, “What, you don’t like yoga?”. 


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