Listening to myself…

Jeffrey Posner

Sounds are a big part of the yoga practice. From the aum and chanting to harmoniums and making awesome music playlists, sound moves us in ways that can effect all senses. While I love having sounds/music in my practice to motivate me, I have recently noticed a different sound coming through, the lack there of… The sound of silence, the mind quieting.

Reminds me of when I am on the dance floor with someone who moves me, it’s like everything else goes away. You become so intertwined with the movement and energy you may not even see the other people around you. It’s this feeling of coming together, the same “union” or “yoke” that we always talk about in yoga.

My Silent Adventure

The deeper I go into my asana practice, the more the rest of the world seems to dim or even be silenced. Specifically when trying to progress into different postures. The more intricate the posture may be (for me), the more silenced my mind must be to attain it. Regardless of the sounds that may be permeating around me, the listening is drawn inward.

It has become my adventure, my exploration into myself… Listening to myself.


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