Autumn Colors: A Tuesday Run

Hey everyone! Katherine here, posting on behalf of our Writer of the Week and logo designer, illustrator Hannah Scherba. Enjoy her pictures and words here and click on the link above to read her interview from earlier this week!
The sky! The leaves! The chill in the air, it’s the stuff runners dream about.
It was an unbelievably beautiful Tuesday in suburban New Jersey. I had already gotten up, made some juice, played with the hounds and was ready to hit the road. I run almost everyday, so today was no different. Its easy for me to “zone out” on runs and not take the time to look around. Today, however, was not a “zone out day”. I decided to leave my iPod at home and just go with the sounds of the world around me.  
The sky! The leaves! The chill in the air, it’s the stuff runners dream about. Running is so cathartic, the rhythm of your body, your legs, your lungs, your feet – it all works together as a form of healing and a break from your real life. 
I let my legs take me wherever they wanted – those are the best runs, the most unpredictable. I ran over hills, a grassy knoll, a bridge, and past my elementary school.
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My eyes were overwhelmed with the over saturated colors of the changing leaves against the blue sky. Streets I run on everyday seemed even more beautiful today. It’s funny to think – I didn’t actually go anywhere. I stayed within miles of my home, yet it feels like I was away somewhere so different and majestic from my own backyard. The run only took me about 20 minutes, I think I smiled the entire time. 

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