A Story Bytes Collection: How To Travel The World Through Your Senses

Story Bytes Travel Through Your Senses Promo Pic

There’s a tiny nook in our little cranny of the inter web we have aptly named “Story Bytes”. 

It’s a place that is dedicated to preserving a small portion of a story through a powerful line and picture in the belief that,

 “Stories can be told in all different ways and sometimes it’s not the beginning nor end that we remember but a simple line or a word or two that sticks with us the most”.

If there is one thing that these byte-sized pieces can do, it would be: to inspire.

They inspire us to fill in the blanks; to fill ourselves up to the brim with wonder and imagination. To reach for more, just go for it, and truly take it all in.

In the spirit of wanderlust, two of our in-house writers, Kerianne and Christine, have taken on the fun task of creating a special edition of Story Bytes: How To Travel The World Through Your Senses; a collection of five pictures that will tell five stories about how to best use your senses while traveling.

We hope you enjoy our take on seeing, smelling, touching, tasting, and hearing the world around us through our world, and invite you to join in and share your perspective as well!

Most of all we hope this inspires you to live with your heart wide open, keep your eyes full and your ears tuned in, and immerse your every sense in all that life has to offer.



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