Story Bytes Part One: The Art of Wandering


You don’t have to get on an airplane to travel. Every day we are traveling. Every day is a journey. It all depends on how you see it.

To travel is to experience newness. And isn’t every day a new day? Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel; strong longing for or impulse toward wandering.

Spontaneity is exhilarating. Freedom is thrilling: When you lose your way, you are vulnerable to discovery.

Sometimes the plan is to forgo the plan and make moves on the go. Strolling down a Parisian street, we bounced around small boutiques and perused souvenir stands. One minute there were six of us, the next there were two. We searched for our misplaced friends for a few minutes, then shrugged our shoulders and kept going. We were in Paris. We’ll catch up with them later, we thought.

The sun peaked from behind the clouds on that chilly October day, and we impulsively decided on a boat cruise down the Seine. It was magical—freezing, but magical nonetheless.


 Booking flights to Oktoberfest even ahead of time was a task. The cheapest round-trip flight from Madrid to Munich included a 13-hour overnight layover in Milan on the way back. Tickets purchased: We were going on an adventure. We’ll figure it out, I thought.

Duomo, Milan

We then realized we also had to switch airports…but it worked out. It was a quick pit stop in Italy to fill our bellies with pasta, wine and gelato before heading back to Spain. And it was so worth it. Aimlessly walking around Milan, backpacks and German steins in tow, was euphoric.

A journey can be physical, philosophical, cultural, and mental…and it can happen every single day. When you realize that opportunities for newness are omnipresent, curiosity sparks, discovery breaks through, and you start chasing that wanderlust feeling.


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