The Writers.

The writers of (Sense)story Perception are high caliber adventure lovers.

Dedicated to the art of sense-story telling, well versed in the ways of wandering, and masters at the art of creating the perfect tweet with the least amount of characters.

Those are our people.

These are their stories.

Sense. Stories.


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“Don’t quit your daydream”



“Money’s cool but I’d rather make memories”


Ping pong enthusiast and expert coffee drinker.


It’s important to know that Kevin Greene is a superhero, first and foremost, and Jack of all trades second. He’s a badass graphic designer and will pretty much do anything and everything you can possibly imagine. That includes but is not limited to: massive pillow fights, spontaneous adventures, and battling villains.


“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”


When a wild Josh appears, you’ll most likely find him reading a comic book, writing comedy for an open-mic night, hunting down good cafes, devouring a burger at some new burger joint, or playing an anticipated video game on its release date. He has an unwavering thirst for media in all forms and is obsessed with storytelling. After studying at Syracuse, Josh interned for ANIMAL and now writes for Lifehacker.


Contributing Writers

people who are just as awesome and write a little less often



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