Fiction: Travis’ Five-Part Post Series

August 2013 had Travis Lancaster pioneer the way for a new category of fiction posts on (Sense)story. Having a great writer like Travis was a treat for everyone and the novel idea of writing about life experiences through the five senses by simply imagining them set loose a wave of creativity and inspiration for us all. Here, I’ve compiled all of Travis’ fiction posts from the month of August with his stories told through each of the five senses.

TOUCH: Read about a little boy who sees parallels between his relationship with his father and a family of elephants. In ‘Elephants’

SOUND: Read about the memories the sound of a gushing waterfall brings back to a blind man in ‘The Roar of the 191’.

SIGHT: A man’s seemingly final moments as he’s blindfolded and taken to the desert and he sees the stars. ‘7-10 Split’.

SMELL: Reminiscing on their relationship, a man recalls the smell of his girlfriend’s strawberry gum, in ‘A Stiff Breeze’.

TASTE: A zany story of Tom, a professional eater, who looses his taste buds, in ‘Tom’.

Or see all of them here.


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