Hey everybody! Katherine here.

Writer of the Week is probably my favorite time of the month on the blog because we get to break away from the norm and feature someone who can only be described as, totally awesome. Which is totally awesome.

So here is Britta Anderson! She’s a friend and Middle School English teacher in Costa Rica, born and raised in New Jersey. Not to mention a girl after our own heart’s as the author of the beautiful blog The Boots Parade!

It’s always a treat to share other blogger’s sites and expand this ever-growing online community. We hope that you enjoy Britta’s post for (Sense)story and her own blog as much as we do!

Britta Headshot

Britta Costa Rica Waterfall

1) Britta Anderson! We’ve heard you’ve done a lot of traveling in your twenty-something years of life? Tell us about some of your most memorable places?

Well! I think my love of traveling started when I was in high school and went on a trip to California with a whole bunch of my friends. There is something to be said for traveling with your friends and having just a little bit more freedom than you might have traveling with your family. Throughout college and since then I have traveled a bit throughout the USA and a little bit more internationally. So far my favorite place in the USA is New Orleans, Louisiana. I spent some time there doing Katrina relief and fell in love with the soul-filled undertones of the city. Internationally I would be lying if I said my favorite place was anywhere other than Spain. I spent 9 months living in the South of Spain and was lucky enough to travel to so many historic and simply beautiful Spanish cities. Currently I am lucky enough to be living in Costa Rica where the beaches are the equivalent to any paradise you have ever imagined.

2) What does a day in the life look like for you in Costa Rica?

I am always a little surprised at how my daily life here in Costa Rica is so similar to what it could be back at home. I go to work from 7-3 where I teach English to middle schoolers, I come home, run in to town to take care of any errands I may have, teach a private English lesson or two, then relax with my boyfriend and little Chihuahua puppy at home. Sometimes I forget that I am so far away from home but am quickly reminded when everything around me is in Spanish.

3) How does it feel to be able to translate your everyday experiences in another country onto a blog that’s shared with the rest of the world? Is there one thing that you’re trying to express or a whole bunch?

I love using my blog as a way to describe all of the things I am doing while here in Costa Rica. Like I mentioned earlier, sometime I forget that my life is somewhat different because I live in a completely different country and culture, so I like that I can post everything from my daily experiences to more exciting weekend trips and give everyone a glimpse of what life here is really like.


4) And the name of your blog, “The Boots Parade”, so awesome, where did it come from?

I think you are the first person in blogland to ask me this question! For a while there I was really into boots (okay maybe I still am) and my brother just started calling me “Boots.” When I had to choose a name for my blog, which was by far the hardest part of making one, I wanted to incorporate the nickname somehow. I kind of figured my blog would be about my life “parading” around the world so I just put the two together. The Boots Parade.


5) Favorite Sight? my puppy running to me when I get home every day

Taste? my mom’s tomato sauce

Sound? when my students say, “Teacher, I love your class” 😉

Touch? jersey cotton sheets

Smell? right before it rains


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