Anthony & Lindsee.

Rebel Exploration 

It’s the thrill of the hunt for the spontaneous-the extraordinary-more than the mundane, that gets our next writers of the week all hot and bothered.  Anthony and Lindsee are the duo behind Rebel Exploration, a project that explores what it means to go adventuring. Through Rebel Exploration the pair invite us to follow them along as they chronicle their travels in pictures, some words, a cool hashtag, and functional gear on their website and Etsy Shop. We are thrilled to have them here as they are just beginning to make rebel explorers out of all of us…

Check out their post here!

13.7.6 - Rx_Icon_ A&L

That’s #rebelexploration that’s what we’re all about. Challenging yourself to get out.

SP: Anthony and Lindsee! Tell us how RebelExploration got started?

A&L: It all started when Lindsee and I hopped a fence to explore a hidden waterfall and just like that, Rebel Exploration hit us. We were doing something kind of rebellious and exploring something new. It was freedom and excitement at its simplest and purest; our prescription for adventure. We LOVED it and got hooked. From then on we started the hashtag project #rebelexploration with anything worthy of qualifying. Fast forward to now, hundreds of photos/adventures later and we’ve just launched our website, Etsy shop, and upon getting settled in our new place will continue to expand. Lindsee and I hope to blog about our adventures, create some unique handmade products/prints, and fuel the fire for adventure and inspire others to do the same. We’re still starting out so there is much more to do.

SP: What qualifies as #rebelexplore material?
A&L: What qualifies as #rebelexploration material you ask? We think that anything worthy of the hashtag is when you’re rebelling from the ordinary and exploring the unknown. Whether it be a trip to somewhere new, an offthepath adventure, or just plain getting yourself into something that isn’t your everyday grind. It’s got to be fun, and exciting too (of course). Taking yourself out of the norm and the mundane. That’s #rebelexploration that’s what we’re all about. Challenging yourself to get out.
SP: What about travel and exploration inspires your work?
A&L: Traveling and exploring inspires our work directly by opening our eyes. We learn what we really need, what we really don’t – the function of gear. We also learn to appreciate our surroundings, and to preserve them. We seek out everyday beauty. It is something that isn’t always easily achieved but when we do get that chance to get out and adventure and explore it is very fulfilling.
SP: If Rebel Explore could be anything what would you like it to become?
A&L: First and foremost our goal is to inspire. We want to communicate what we love, through products, a motivational website and an appreciation for experiencing the world around us. We hope that likeminded individuals will coincide with our ideals and dig what we do.
SP: Favorite Sight: A&L: From the Top of a Mountain / Sunrise and Sunset
Smell: Lily of the Valley Flower / Campfire
Touch: Fleece / Flannel
Taste: Berries / Smoked Salmon
Sound: Waves / Snowfall


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