Casey Neistat.

(Sense)story Perception could not be more excited to share our interview + feature with Writer of the Week Casey Neistat! Youtube filmmaker, modern-day auteur, and all around cool guy, Casey has been grabbing the attention of the media and the masses just by being himself. Known for his offbeat, high-octane, creative films Neistat has created media for big companies like Nike and most recently Mercedes Benz, yet the real gem of his work is in his point-of-view narratives that are real and relatable. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s his fresh and unique no-bullshit perspective that has everyone hanging on to every documented move but in reality we love Casey because he’s just like us: an every day story teller. 

Enjoy the interview below and stay tuned later in the week for some more of Casey Neistat on SP! Thanks Casey!Casey Neistat WOTW trophie room

SP: Despite the fact that you’ve been making them for years, your films are getting a whole lot of attention right now, what about your work do you think resonates with people right now?

CN: Not sure. There are some films that cover current social issues like ‘The Darkside of the Iphone Line’ but I don’t know what it is about the other work. I am happy to reach new audiences. It’s always a reassuring sense of validation for all of the hard work that goes into making them.

SP: Why are films your medium? What can you say through films that you can’t say any other way?

CN: I wish I was a better writer, cameras are a pain in the ass. But I am not so what I lack in writing skills I make up for with imagery and sound. Why movies… the medium provides the ultimate way to communicate, that and technology has provided such easy access to it.

SP: Out of all the experiences and adventures you’ve had so far, what can you say is the one that had the most profound effect on you?

CN:  Having a kid. Cliche for a reason. You don’t really know how it is until you’ve become a parent. You see the world through new eyes and that is profound.

SP: What projects are you looking forward to doing, if any? And is there anything you haven’t done yet that you’re dying to do?

CN: I am currently finishing up a movie called ‘My Kid and Me’, that I am super excited about. Something I’d like to do…go to space. I really want to go to space, it’s complicated though.

SP: Favorite Touch? CN: That question makes me uncomfortable

SP: Favorite Taste? CN: Candy

SP: Favorite Sound? CN: Rocket blasting off

SP: Favorite Smell? CN: Orange

SP: Favorite Sight? CN: When she smiles

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