Hannah Scherba.

Hello everybody! We at (Sense)story Perception are THRILLED to debut our new, custom logo along with the phenomenal lady who made it! Enter- illustrator and Writer of the Week Hannah Scherba: her work is lighthearted, simple, beautiful and fun and we have admired it for a while now, so having Hannah design our logo was such a dream. 

Enjoy this interview with Hannah below, as we chat about her inspiration, her lifestyle, and her hounds!

Hannah Scherba

HJS Logo

Bassett Hounds


SP: Hannah! Your love for illustration and whimsical doodles…where did it come from?

HS: haha. I always laugh when someone calls my work whimsical– it makes me think of myself skipping through the woods with a basket of flowers.  My love for the whimsy came from reading PEANUTS comics, and my love for simplicity.  I also love children’s books from the 1950’s-1960’s, those have had a heavy influence on the way I create. I don’t take myself too seriously (I mean, I had adult braces in March of this year…) and that helps too. I think it’s easy to over think things, so I try not to.

SP: It’s not hard to see how your lifestyle has bled over and heavily influenced your work as an artist. Can you tell us a little bit about how those things work together to help you create?

HS: In college I was not like any other kids in my illustration class. I run marathons, I make green juices, I don’t really enjoy reading, I like to go to bed at a reasonable hour, I like farmers markets, I’m vegan, I don’t smoke, the list goes on. I’ve always felt like a strange duck in the world of illustration. I think I use my strangeness to my advantage. I don’t know anyone else like me and I think that’s what makes my work special. Most of my work comes from what makes me feel good. I don’t believe in over complicating things and I think that’s what helps me create things that I like.

SP: Your muse is clearly a bassett hound…haha, what’s that like?

HS : MY HOUNDS! I now have two, Beatrix (2) and Hazel (9 weeks). They are my girls. I can’t wait to get up in the morning to see them. Beatrix (Bea) loves to lick the bottom of coffee cups. Hazel loves jumping in leaf piles and playing with Bea’s big floppy ears. If I’m having a bad day they make everything better. I highly recommend a hound.

SP: Give us a peek at your creative process-what does a day of creating look like for you? And what are the most important pieces of that process?

HS: The process is not always the same, but this the the basic formula. I have to get up and go for a run or do something active before I sit down and create otherwise I’m anxious and it’s all I can think about. A lot of the time I think of a great idea when I’m out running, something about the rhythm of a run makes my brain work.  I also must have a cup of something hot, tea, coffee whatever, it’s gotta be in the studio with me. I put on some jazz radio or sometimes I cue up some standup comedy on Netflix, and then I’m ready to create! I start in my sketchbook, drawing what comes to mind (or what’s been commissioned by an Art Director). Often times I don’t erase anything and just keep transferring drawings on to new pieces of paper to make them better. Once I’m happy with a sketch I turn it into a silkscreen by creating stencils using freezer paper. Then it’s hours spent printing and washing out screens in my bathroom. I take breaks to  play with the hounds and make a salad sometime in there. After the work is printed, I scan it into the computer and touch it up. Then I either send it to a client, or I save it to be used for a postcard promotion, or to be put on my website. Often times I don’t do all of this is one day, it takes two or three, because ink needs time to dry and sometimes ideas aren’t so easy to think of. It’s a crazy, unpredictable career path but I love every minute of it.The most important piece of the process is to remember to have fun. Often I find myself stressed, working on a deadline for a client, and the fun part of creating gets lost–and the work suffers. When that happens I stop and take a breath and remind myself that it’s supposed to be fun and maybe doodle a cat in my sketchbook, then get back to work.

SP: Favorite…Sight? HS: My basset hounds running towards me/anywhere in Lake George. Touch? Hazel’s puppy belly Taste? Bananas Smell? Clean sheets/Coconut/Vanilla/Coffee Sound? My ukelele/ Crunching leaves under my tires


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