Welcoming our second Writer of the Week, Izzy Gomez!

Izzy is a globe-trotting, Filippino-fare cooking yogi who blogs and has the incomparable talent

of capturing our hearts and minds with her descriptive words. We’re so happy to present her to you as WOTW and to repost some of her writing here on the blog!

Follow Izzy’s culinary and world-wide adventures here:

Izzy Pic!

You’re a blogger. Namely about food, travel, and being young; what was it about these three topics that got you so inspired? And why choose to write about them through blogging?
Whether they’re studying, working, or doing a little bit of both, pretty much every 20-something I know wants to travel the world at some point in their life.  What stops them from doing so now?  What pressures are they up against?  Where do they want to go?  I wanted to explore the common desires, dilemmas, and values of the 20-something generation, so I started the Sum of 20-Something.  As for my interest in food blogging, I started cooking when I was 15 years old, after my mother passed away.  I started Live life. Love others. as an ode to her legacy and also to document my own culinary adventures.
Blogging has been a great way for me to develop my writing style and express myself regularly throughout the week.   I love the people it connects me with, the conversations it starts, and the instant feedback.
What do you like to cook/bake?! Give us your three favorite dishes.
1. Filipino Pork Sinigang
2. Chocolate Chip Cookies
3. Brioche!!!
A day in the life of Izzy Gomez looks like what…
 A combination of yoga, cooking, writing, and spending time with my loved ones
Favorite sight/smell/sound/taste/touch?! Go!
sight- my nephews when they smile
smell- freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
sound- my boyfriend’s voice when he sings
taste- coffee ice-cream
touch- sand at the beach — any beach
Tell us all what the best part about being a Filipino foodie is?
Everything is cooked with love.  It’s about bringing people together and not about showing off. 🙂

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